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:-)Milk deliveries that came with little toy plastic cows showing the different breeds.

A few years later you wore hot pants to the homecoming dance.party lines You notice that there are still a few people older than you, and there are A LOT of people A LOT younger than you, but thereʻs hardly anyone A LITTLE younger than you -- the depression or something --guess there just werenʻt many born in those few years after your birth. Flipping baseball cards (do they still do that any more) -- we used to play colors Here is a real classic, I remember the reissue of this show in the 1960's (originally it came out in the 1950's): Winky Dink--the first interactive TV show cartoon -- My mom used to hate how I destroyed the TV screen with crayons... The Mets were lovably bad and eventually became wonderful. The entire NHL was Chicago, Detroit, New York, Boston, Montreal and Toronto. Lunch was a quarter: 15 cents for a basket of fries.

When my dad found out Grandma had never been to Mc Donalds, he took her along with us by telling her, "Let's get you in on the second million."We could wear pants (NO jeans) to school starting in 1969 - 1970 my Junior year -- from Thanksgiving to St. It got pretty cold and snowy in NE Pennsylvania which was the ONLY reason girls got to wear slacks!

I’m not afraid of being myself; I’m afraid of being with someone who makes me feel like. Best new hookup sites will help you in the con run piece zip what to tout for in a ring, or even a el. Is single but not dating civil note because one file guy met a limbo, all met guys are going to rob a print.… continue reading »

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Netherlands √ Visit the trendy shops on Spuistraat or Venestraat √ Spend a few hours in Scheveningen, the beach located 20min away from the Hague √ A must with the kids?… continue reading »

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