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That same perspective, now applied to the Caribbean Sea, informs “The Expanded Caribbean: Contemporary Photography at the Crossroads,” curated by Gold at Drexel University’s Leonard Pearlstein Gallery.

That cultural connectivity is borne out in the works of 16 photographers and artists Gold has selected for her exhibition.

” asked William Stanley, 52, a North Philadelphia paper-company delivery man, who was homeless for a time in 1998. If the guy’s smiling too much, bad things will be happening.” Stanley, who volunteers to help feed the homeless, believes that the people who live closer to the bottom can suss out another’s character and intent more quickly than the folks who Uber around town or take their own Lexus to work. People from lower economic classes are better at reading emotions than people with money, according to research by psychologist Michael Kraus of Yale University.

For lower-income people, success depends more on how much they can rely on others.

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Unsurprisingly, much of this work draws on the fraught histories of various Caribbean islands.His silver gelatin print , Williams presents an ordinary scene of a linen-covered card table on a lawn at Sunbury, now a guesthouse for tourists.Chillingly, nothing in this placid black-and-white image speaks of the plantation’s history as the site of a famous slave revolt.Mahosky’s charcoal and ink drawings of landscapes, monuments, and houses on cadmium yellow backgrounds are as emotionally reserved as 19-century documentary photographs of the Civil War.

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